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1) SITUATION:  Increasing numbers and sophistication of Orkish forces on Dolbadarn-Tertius [ref. WAAGH! Baalzaak], present a growing threat to Castellan sub-sector, and Anargo Sector in general.  Technical intelligence has revealed continued exploitation of Mechanicum and lay-industrial technology and personnel [ref. Operation BYZANTINE LOOKING GLASS].

2) MISSION:  Subordinate to March Castellan(MARCAST), Army Group Cruciatine(ARGCRUC) will conduct a corps-level raid on Dolbadarn-Tertius to delay, disrupt, and destroy Orkish forces, as well as recover or otherwise neutralize all remaining Mechanicum and lay-industrial technology and personnel.


     3A) ORGANIZATION:  A corps-sized raiding force will be drawn from organic ARGCRUC elements [ref. ARGCRUC TO&E], as well as available specialist assets from MARCAST and Anargo Command(ANCOMM) at large.  

      3B) COMMON EQUIPMENT:  All units will be equipped to the appropriate Munitorum standard per their TO&E; to include thirty(30) days expendables of all classes, in addition to sufficient supplies to conduct training required by ARGCRUC HQ.

      3C) SPECIAL EQUIPMENT:  As required by operational considerations.

      3D) TIMETABLE:  ARGCRUC HQ will nominate elements to be used NLT 48hrs after receiving this order.  Combat operations are to commence NET twenty-eight(28) days and NLT thirty-two(32) from receipt.  

4) SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  ARGCRUC HQ will conduct liasons with CINCBATANAR(Imperial Navy), HQ LEGIO MONOLITHOS(Collegio Titanicus), HQ ARCHAIOS THEME(Collegio Skitarii), applicable Astartes echelons currently active in the Area of Operations [ref. Operation OMINOUS HYMN, Operation OMINOUS ARIA], and Other Imperial Organizations(OIO) [POC - INQ Kuyavain Hopkins], for purposes of developing necessary transport and support assistance.


TIMESTAMP: 1 765995 M41

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An interesting start Falkenberg, I'll be looking forward to seeing how you develop it.  At present I don't have any real suggestions, though if this mission is going to involve Mechanicus assets as one of its primary objectives then I expect that the Mechanicus will take a very close interest.

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               With a snarl, Gazbagg finally kicked the hatch of his dread open.  Hopping down with further cursing, he adjusted himself then kicked the hatch shut.  He kicked it a few more times, for good measure.  Damn thing hadn’t opened properly ever since that idiot mek had replaced the last hatch Gazbagg had kicked completely off the dread.  Stupid mek, what good’s an escape hatch you can’t escape out? Gazbagg liked his dread, “Bluddrinka”, but he liked not dying more.
                Something was off this evening.  Normally there’d be a small horde of grots out here, doing the meks’ bidding, tinkering on their own stupid projects, and getting beaten.  Gazbagg felt that last part was the more important use of a grot.  In fact, he could use one now.  But the few he saw about were unimpressive specimens, who had rapidly scattered upon his appearance.  Kicking ‘Drinka’ a few more times, Gazbagg glanced up at the stars.  Looking up at their faint light, something moved within him.
                A massive burst of flatulence rattled out.  Probably shouldn’t have eaten that last squig…
Drinking in his earthy self-aroma, Gazbagg headed off towards The Shack.  Gazbagg couldn’t remember what the humans had used the building for, but he and his mates kept their snacks and their hooch there.  Hooch, that might explain where everyone went.  If Carsmaka had finally finished that “nob brewin” he kept claiming to be working on, that would certainly bring everyone in from the dread park.  Also, not waiting for him gave Gazbagg the perfect excuse to start a nice big brawl.  The thought of that made him feel better already.


                That’s a weird sound…  That’s what had been bugging him, Gazbagg realized.  He’d been hearing that odd sound since he’d dismounted.  He still couldn’t see what was causing it.  Stupid grot tinkering probably.  He stopped to relieve himself on the leg of a nearby Killa’ Kan while he thought about who to hit first.  Probably Molagg, little git with his stupid little Kan…  Gazbagg sensed the hand miliseconds before it slammed his head forward into the Kan’s knee joint, cutting off his offended shout.  Shocked, Gazbagg spun around.  For a moment, he registered the viciously-buzzing point of the vibro-blade coming to meet him.

                Sergeant Agapetos slide the knife back into its cleaning-sheathe on his bracer.  He mouthed the prayer of restorative sleep over the blade as it clicked home.  The mottled-tones of his armor’s war-cladding shifted subtly as he stepped back into the shadows between the haphazardly parked ork dreadnoughts and demi-dreads. He turned back to the stormtroopers who had been waiting expectantly.  The Astartes tilted his head in acknowledgment.
                “Apologies, little bothers.  Since that seems to be the last straggler of the evening, let us get back to business.”
                With a nod, two troopers slipped out to drag the late Gazbagg to the blockhouse where the other dreadnought drivers were piled.  Other troopers began setting up the landing guidance beacons.  The assault landers were thirty minutes out…