Growing pains...

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Growing pains...

As many of you realise, given our somewhat fast move to the new server there are some problems with the installation of the software.  While previous "test" versions of the software worked perfectly well, this on is a bit ... glitchy.  It is for this reason that we have held off uploading significant quantities of materials geared towards helping new (or old) members of the project getting involved, and for this reason alone.  Read on...

The project has always been lucky to have a benefactor that has been able to nurse use through some of these problems, and this incarnation is no different.  When real life considerations become less of a problem, it is our hope that a new member will be able to swiftly fix these problems.

What does this mean in the interim?  We're having difficulty with the standard "quote" module, meaning that you have to use in-system formatting options (blockquote).  The image integration also doesn't seem to want to play nice, which means that we've got disappearing avatars and we cannot be sure about posting and uploading images to the site.  They appear to be all fairly minor and easily solvable glitches, but there you have it.

In the interim, please continue to post content to the forums.  Essentially materials will soon be uploaded into a general "Guide" about how to get involved, and there are some vital "re-vision" threads going on at the moment.  The best way to get involved is to get involved, as always.

The Administration Team