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Forum Rules

As with most other discussion forums we have to have a set of rules to make sure that everyone can get along and the project can continue smoothly, so while I'm sure most of you won't need reminding of them, here they are:


1) Thou shalt not curse.

Please remember that this is a public forum and, despite the protestations by many to the contrary, the primary demographic of GW games is teenagers. Please avoid using 'colourful metaphors' or profanity, or making explicit sexual references.

Also, even if using asterisks is slightly better, "F*** you" only leaves so much to imagination, so please avoid using profanities in this form either.

2) Thou shalt not double-post.

Instead of replying to your own messages, try to edit your posts by clicking the Modify button at the top right corner.  Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, such as when you're posting long texts that are too long to fit into a single post.

3) Thou shalt not post one-liners.

Posts that are only one or two sentences long should generally be avoided.  Try to elaborate and explain your reply if possible.  Otherwise you get a long line of posts like this:

"How about if my world had some kind of cult?"
"Cool. What kind of cult?"
"A chaos cult with all kinds of nasty things."
"What nasty things?"
"Nasty daemon things and stuff!"

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule as well, but members who repeatedly post one-line posts like this will hear from the Mods.

4) Thou shalt not write unconstructive posts.

In other words, no spaming.  If one of the characters described on the forum reminds you of your teacher in primary school, if you think Gav Thorpe is not good at what he does, that's fine, but that's not what this forum is for.  We're here to talk about the Anargo Sector project. 

Likewise, when someone posts an idea, don't just post "I don't like this" and leave it at that.  Either explain why you don't like it, and what you would rather see done, or don't post at all.

The General Chat forum has a bit more latitude with regards to non-constructive posts, but just keep this in mind.

5) Thou shalt not contribute to forum hostilities.

This works two ways. On one hand, you will not be rude to other members and you will take great care to make sure that other people are not offended by your jokes or comments, by use of smileys and such. On the other hand -and this is very important- you will give other members the benefit of the doubt.

There have been too many episodes in the past where members have been offended or hurt by others' posts, believing them to have ill intentions. I can not remember a single episode where said posts were actually intended to offend or hurt other members. In other words, if another member seems to be hostile, he's most likely not. We're all very nice people, and most of us go back months or even years, having had much enjoyable discussion together. If you're offended by someone else's comments, give him or her the benefit of the doubt and assume that the comments were intended in good will. If you seriously doubt this, ask politely. If someone is actually being hostile, the matter will be dealt with by one of the administrators (Kage, Dragon Lord or Destecado).

6) Thou shalt not write anything but Low Gothic.

In other words, write proper English. People who write "I need a world 4 my emporerz children" or "wotz a basic rep?" will be purged. Thoroughly.

If you a non-English speaker, we apologise, but all posts should be written in the best English that you are able to muster.

7) Thou shalt post concepts to the boards, not Dragon Lord, Kage, Destecado or, well, anyone else.

The various forums are there for you to post your ideas on, so try not to IM or PM either Dragon Lord, Kage, Destecado or whoever about each concept that you have. Post them in the appropriate category/board and see what members have to say on this. There have been times in the past when this 'private' discussion of concepts has been used to say "X-admin said this was a good idea so that's that!", a comment taken entirely out of context.

8 ) Thou shalt remember that an accepted world is the 'property' of the project.

This is a collaborative project that increases in scope and depth by the contribution of our members.  If you have submitted a world, character, or whatever, then it becomes a part of the project.  What this means is that if a campaign requires that a world be invaded, or a character killed, then this will happen.  The information on the character, world, or whatever will always remain a part of the project, though.

All work remains the intellectual property of the author, of course, within the boundaries set as a derivative work of Games Workshop (and/or Black Industries and Fantasy Flight Games).

Related to this is that if a piece of fiction or artwork is posted on the boards, the act of posting is determined as giving permission for the project to use that information as above.  All works will be cited.  If the situation changes for some reason, contact Kage2020 and the work will be removed (this usually pertains exclusively to fiction and artwork).

9) Thou shalt remember that we are discussing the ASP.

While we welcome general discussion, we are trying to work towards a very specific goal. If you wish to discuss something generally then put it in "General Chat" but, remember, if its application to the ASP and the 40k universe is limited that it might be closed, deleted or otherwise ignored!


10) Thou shalt not have pictures in your signature.

Please do not include pictures in your signature. While they're rather pretty, we try and keep graphics to a minimum on the board so that it doesn't clog up the servers or those members with slow 'Net connections.

11) Thou shalt not post copyrighted material.

The Anargo Sector Project does not support or condone the distribution of copyrighted GW/FFG material. This includes the "40k Fluff Bible". Any member found to be distributing this material in a way that negatively impacts upon the Project will earn themselves a permanent ban.  While we cannot stop anyone from distributing this material by themselves we do not support this action.

Keep it out of the Anargo Sector Project, ladies and gentleman, and indeed just don't do it.


12) Thou shalt never post as if in the voice of Jar-Jar Binks.

Just don't do it.


Legal Statement

You may view the Anargo Sector Project's legal statement here:  Please note that participation in these forums, and the project in general, indicates acceptance of the burden of these legal requirements.

Thank you for your time. 

The Admin Team


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Or, as espoused on another site and which I heartily agree with:

Rule One: Don't be a git. 



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