[Characters] Infamous Orks in the Anargo Sector

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[Characters] Infamous Orks in the Anargo Sector

Little something I was writing while trying to stay awake at work. The translations of the Ork names are based on the old Rogue Trader era Ork material and some artistic freedom on how to translate the Ork glyphs.


Boss Skargarg Badurd Og Goff - Warlord Skargarg (Terrifying Blade), Baddest of the Goff Clan.

Skargarg the Baddest is one of the many warlords who took advantage of Morzkraga's advances into the Castellan subsector. Originating from one of the worlds lost to the Orks in the Cruciante sector Skargarg became notorious for his reckless attitude. With Orks already being rather ugly creatures, Skargarg is no exception, his face is covered by hundreds of scars that he gained from devouring the infamous face-eater Squigs, also known as Gnashers. As he grew in size and his scars increased, it did not take long until he challenged his leader, Boss Durzgor Wazmor (translated as: The Boss Who Slaughters Cities In Wild Ecstasy) for his position.

With control of his former leader's warband, Skargarg's next challenge was to find a means to join Morzkraga's invasion of the Anargo sector. Stories surrounding Skargarg's acquisition are often told by other Orks. Because of this the story has many versions. Some claim that Skargarg fought with another warlord who originally owned the ship. This in itself is not uncommon to occur amongst Orks. Other stories tell how Skargarg stole the ship from other warlords or even from Morzkraga himself. One story, often told amongst members of the Nazbad (Bad Moon Clan) is that Skargarg actually won the ship during one of his famous Gnasher eating sessions. Skargarg has encouraged these stories, even making up some of them to increase his status amongst the other warlords.

As his bold actions increased, so did the size of his warband. Skargarg's warband, eventually expanded to possessing multiple cruiser sized ships and several escort squadrons. With little interest for conquering other worlds, Skargarg hasn't set foot on any planet in many years, having only lived and fought aboard ships and stations.

Skargarg's face is covered by many scars, many of them received whilst fighting against the Imperium and fellow Orks foolish enough to stand in his way. Many more of the scars are a result of Skargarg's lust for eating Gnashers. As a result of this, many parts of Skargarg's face are kept together by golden rings given by his lieutenant, Gobnaz.


Big Nob Sniklug Gortoof Og Nargor - Head Ork Sniklug (Messenger of Execution), Bloody Tooth of the Blood Axe Clan

Sniklug came to join Skargarg's personal retinue after the latter had killed Sniklug's original master, Dreggrub (Cunning Destroyer) of the Grim Axes tribe. Most refused to accept Skargarg's command and joined fellow Blood Axe Morzkraga's warband. Sniklug was one of the few who did join Skargarg's fleet. In the years serving Skargarg, Sniklug quickly rose through the ranks by killing those who stood in his way. Being a Blood Axe, Sniklug is rather cunning and primarily kills his opponents in a rather unorky way, through assassination. Skargarg, wary of those beneath him, has employed the services of Sniklug on several occasions to remove those he considered to be a threat to his position as warlord.

Typical for a Blood Axe, Sniklug's attire is a foul parody of the uniforms worn by the Imperial Guard. Unlike most other Orks, Sniklug wears little decorations; his wrist mounts several necklaces previously worn by high ranking Imperial Navy officers and priests. Sniklug's preferred weapons are his blades that he uses to silently kill his enemies.

Whilst he uses Sniklug as his personal assassin, Skargarg does not fully trust him. Because of this Sniklug is refused command of his own ship, remaining close to his master so that Skargarg can keep an eye on him.


Kaptin Gobnaz Og Nazbad - Captain Gobnaz (The Moon Who Speaks out of Turn) of the Bad Moon Clan

Gobnaz, not unlike most other members of the Bad Moon Clan, is a rather opportunistic and greedy Ork. In the Cruciante sector Gobnaz had already built himself the reputation through gambling. On how Gobnaz ended up serving in Skargarg's warband remains debatable. Some Orks claim that he escaped to join Morzkraga's invasion due to gambling debts, other claim that he simply did it to find wealth and glory. A thing that has not up for debate was the respect between Gobnaz and his warlord, Skargarg, because of their mutual love for betting and devouring Gnashers.

It is said that Gobnaz won his ship during a bet with Skargarg in which the latter received a rather nasty scar from a face-eater Squig. Whilst technically this meant that Skargarg had lost, a new scar on his face was satisfying enough since bearing scars (and especially facial scars) is something greatly respected amongst Orks.

Whilst Gobnaz could easily afford it, he refuses to wear a heavily armored suit the Orks call "Mega Armor"; Gobnaz claims it limits his movements. Instead he wears a colorful attire patched together from various pieces of expensive fabric the captain had stolen during his raids. Gobnaz lost his left eye because of a face-eater Squig. The same Gnasher responsible for the lost of his left eye was also responsible for tearing up Gobnaz' lower jaw. After the incident his lost eye was replaced by an implant, the targeting scope from a Boltgun previously owned by the Adeptus Astartes of the Maledictors Chapter. His jaw is kept together with golden rings.


Kaptin Grimduff Skumdreg Og Goff - Captain Grimduff Skumdreg (He Who Destroys His Enemies By Beating Them Recklessly) of the Goff Clan

Grimduff Skumdreg is a rather cruel Ork, taking great delight in inflicting pain and suffering amongst his foes. Whilst his name might suggest that he is a rather crude and direct figure, his personality is radically different from his name. Grimduff is known to take his time when fighting his foes, almost as if he were playing with them. Other Orks generally frown upon such practices and some even consider if Grimduf's worthy enough to be a member of the Goff Clan, or even being fit to command, because of this. Grimduff however crushes any of these doubts by killing anyone who stands in his way.

A large Ork skull covers Grimduffs head, not unlike the skull faced helmets worn by the Chaplains of the Adeptus Astartes. His hands are covered by small and sharp metallic studs, implants he has grafted many years ago so he could be armed during fist fights. Usually Grimduff carries a large single shot pistol and a chain that functions as a leash for his pets, his favorite slaves.

Grimduff's ship, the Guldreg (Breaker of Bones), is testimony of Grimduff twisted personality. The halls are filled with limbs and heads of slaves and enemies he has defeated. Some parts are even painted in blood. Other Orks have very little interest, they view the morbid decorations as "unorky", but it does seem to have considerable more effect on the slaves.


Flyboy Wazgul Ogteef - Pilot Wazgul (Quick Death) Ogteef (In Service To Wealth)

Wazgul and his squadron of fighter-bombers have been known to act as mercenaries. Whoever pays up the most will receive Wazgul's services. Wazgul's loyalty lies with the money, which is why he is also known as "Ogteef", literally meaning into "Belonging to the Teeth". Since Orks use teeth as their currency, "teef" in most cases means wealth. In his younger years Wazgul was mainly active in the Cruciante sector, hunting down surviving humans for reward. At a certain point he was even fighting against warlord Morzkraga himself, having been hired by one of his many rivals. Realizing Wazgul's skills, Morzkraga offered the pilot a higher reward to hunt down those who sought to destroy him.

When Morzkraga decided to attack the Anargo sector, he paid up Wazgul to join him. During a raid into the Castellan subsection the ship Wazgul and his squadron used as their base was destroyed by elements of Battlefleet Anargo. It was then that Wazgul joined Skargarg's warband. One of Skargarg's lieutenants, Gobnaz of the Bad Moon Clan, offered Wazgul to use his newly won ship as a base of operations. Loyalty was ensured by the constant tributes Gobnaz pays to Wazgul and his henchmen.

Wazgul's appearance shows his wealth. Both his ears are pierced by multiple golden rings, most of them looted from the corpses of Imperial officers and nobility. Like Skargarg and Gobnaz, Wazgul enjoys eating Gnashers, resulting in his face containing several big scars from when he almost lost the eating contests. Generally he wears leather overalls with various patches of armored plating, a fur collar (rumored to be from a type of boar deployed by the Imperium to track down Orkoid spores) covers most of his neck and shoulders.

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Some interesting bits of background Malika, the translations of the names are a nice touch too.  Just a couple of little critiques, the last paragraph about Skargarg is just repeating things that you had already said so doesn't really seem necessary.  I also think that it might be better to leave out the reference to Gnashers in Wazgul's description, it adds a good bit of character to Skargarg and Gobnaz and links the two of them together nicely, but for Wazgul it is more of just a throw-away reference and if anything detracts from the descriptions of Skargarg and Gobnaz slightly.

One final thing, throughout this you have refered to the 'Cruciante' sector, but I think, if I remember correctly that it is the Cruciatine Sector, a minor point, but best to make sure we're all talking about the same thing.

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