Trade and Tithes

Obviously being an agriworld the primary exports of Trilla are agricultural products.  For the most part the foodstuffs exported from Trilla are processed on the planet, this reduces the bulk of the items and also often improves the length of time they stay fresh.  The only product for which this is not really the case is algae, which apart from being dried is shipped unprocessed; however the majority of the Trillan algae crop is used as feed for the grox farms so algae makes up only a small fraction of exports.

The actual amounts of agricultural products that Trilla exports and tithes are governed by a complex agreement between the Administratum and the Adeptus Mechanicus dating to the end of the Apostate wars.  One twentieth of the total production of Trilla is set aside for so-called ‘free trade’, the revenues from this are used to pay for imports required from other worlds and fed back into the Trillan economy, a small amount of this portion is also used to feed the population of Trilla.  After this the Administratum then takes a fixed bulk of produce equal to two thirds of what the world’s production was prior to the signing of the agreement as tithe, this amounts to around 3 teratonnes per Imperial year.  All of the remaining agricultural production is assigned to the Adeptus Mechanicus and in the last tithe cycle this made up considerably more than half of the world’s production.  The world still has a very high tithe grade however as for the purposes of tithe grade calculation the Administratum includes the production assigned to the Adeptus Mechanicus in the ‘tithe’ paid by the world.

Owing to the extremely focussed industry of Trilla it is necessary for almost all necessities other than food and water to be imported; of particular note are the imports of agricultural equipment from Proteus and servitors and fertiliser from various hiveworlds.