The average level of technology available on Trilla is towards the upper end of that found on Imperial worlds.  This is largely a product of the strong Adeptus Mechanicus presence on the world combined with the near total lack of what one might describe as a ‘lower class’.  All citizens have access to advanced communications equipment and ground vehicles, both of which are essential on such a sparsely populated world.  Medical technology and personal technology items on Trilla are of a similar level to that of such items found on other advanced Imperial worlds.  In terms of medical technology both vat grown organs and bionic replacements of high quality are available and which is used is often the choice of the patient, this is another example of the mediating influence of the Organicist faction.  As a result of the extensive use of servitors in the Trillan agricultural industry and in other menial tasks (servitors in fact outnumber the human population of Trilla), and facilitated by the presence of the Adeptus Mechanicus, servitor technology on Trilla is among the highest in the sector.  In the case of the giant agricultural machinery the ‘servitor’ is little more than a brain and spinal cord linked in to the machine that it controls.

As one might expect in technologies related to agriculture and food processing Trilla is at the forefront of that found in the Anargo sector.  The giant harvesting machines on Trilla are some of the most efficient in the sector, and while very large are still smaller than those found on some other agriworlds allowing more complex and precise harvesting patterns and farming of less accessible areas.  Of particular note are the cereal multi-harvesters, these machines consist of a main body that can draw in, sort and store many different types of cereal and also be run in reverse to release the stored material in a controlled fashion; to this body can then be attached numerous pieces of equipment as appropriate enabling the single multi-harvester to deal with the harvesting and planting of almost any cereal crop.  This design of multi-harvester was developed by the Mechanicum adepts on Trilla utilising a number of older designs and STC data and has since been approved by Mars for use on agriworlds across the Imperium.

An offshoot of Trilla’s agricultural industry is the field of genetic engineering.  The genetors of the Adeptus Biologis have a substantial facility in Pantomel where they are constantly engaged in manipulating the genomes of the bamboo like sap-cane that grows in the equatorial regions, the Trillan grox stock and the various species of cereals, algae and fish in an effort increase yields and nutritional content.  There have also been a number of attempts, with some notable successes to introduce the codes for various medicinal substances into the genetic material of some of the food species.  These medicinal substance containing varieties are generally only grown in small areas on a rotating basis but form a valuable part of the world’s exports.  The manipulation of the Trillan grox genome has been particularly successful meaning that the Trillan grox sub-species is ideally suited to the world’s environmental conditions and is renowned for the tenderness of its meat.  The genetic and biological expertise present on Trilla allows them to fill some of the world's substantial requirement for servitors with artificially fertilised embryos genetically engineered to lack higher brain functions and then grown to maturity in vats.

In another related field Trilla’s weather control technologies are, while certainly not exceptional for an Imperial world, slightly unusual for an agriworld.  All three of the cities and a number of the smaller settlements are equipped with launchers to fire chemical warheads into the clouds capable of inducing rainfall or dispelling cloud cover.  In addition there are 4 small constructs in orbit around the world equipped with lasers capable of firing prolonged, defocused bursts into the atmosphere to influence air currents.

Transport technologies are also strong on Trilla with all of the settlements connected by either rail links carrying high-capacity cargo trains or by shipping routes served by massive bulk carriers.