Society and Law

Trillan society operates on a strange mix of meritocracy and cronyism.  In theory advancement should be based entirely on ability, which also applies to the Administratum and the Adeptus Mechanicus on Trilla who make up a substantial portion of Trillan society.  In reality however knowing the right people can be just as much of an advantage as brilliance and influential enemies can be as great a disadvantage as incompetence.  As a result as well as the degree of competence one would expect at any social level one also finds individuals of greater and lesser ability.

While to a large extent the Administratum and the Adeptus Mechanicus work together harmoniously in the running of Trilla there is, particularly at the lower levels, some degree of rivalry and competitiveness between the two organisations.  This generally only takes the form of members of one organisation making jokes at the expense of the other in bars after work hours but occasionally leads to confrontations between groups of workers.  Any such confrontations that occur are invariably hushed up by both organisations and those involved suitably reprimanded.

All menial and non-skilled labour functions on Trilla are performed by servitors and servitor controlled machines, as such all of the population of Trilla are engaged in skilled jobs.  It is therefore necessary for the populace to be well educated and so the government of Trilla provides state-funded education for the entire population.  Additionally workers in skilled jobs are more difficult to replace should they fall ill and so the Trillan government provides a state-funded health service to care for the populace.  The end result is that the people of Trilla enjoy universal literacy and excellent health and one would consider the Trillan government to be very generous, which indeed it is quite happy for its citizens to consider it, but in reality it is a much matter of protecting the world’s productivity as it is generosity.  The running of the education and healthcare systems falls to the Administratum but the Adeptus Mechanicus has input to both in ensuring that the populace receives what they consider to be adequate technical training and in providing and maintaining much of the medical equipment.

Within the Adeptus Mechanicus there is the usual factionalisation that occurs within that organisation, but what is somewhat atypical about Trilla is the strong influence the Organicist faction holds on the world.  This becomes more understandable when one considers the large number of members of the Biologis present on the world and the generally greater incidence of that faction amongst the Adeptus Biologis, and the fact that Trilla is an agriworld and as such is devoted to the production of organic material.  Few of the Organicists on Trilla are of a radical disposition and most simply feel that organic components deserve to be given due consideration next to mechanical components and the better of the two chosen objectively.  It is probably a result of this that the Trillan health service conducts fewer bionic replacement operations than one might expect of a health service with heavy Adeptus Mechanicus involvement and conducts more organic replacements.

Crime is fairly low on Trilla, all firearms are banned from the general populace with only the world’s smallish planetary defence force and certain specialist arbites units allowed to carry weapons, swords and other sharp-edge weapons are also banned and the carrying of knives in public is illegal.  A significant part of the low crime level on Trilla is probably down to the good state education and lack of low paid menial jobs, meaning that crime as a result of hardship is unusual.  Most narcotics are also illegal, though a few low level substances are legal even if heavy use is discouraged and so addiction and the spiral of crime it can lead to is also not very common on Trilla.  One slight quirk of this though is that it means that while overall crime levels on Trilla are low violent crime, generally the result of adultery, blackmail or business deals gone sour, makes up a greater proportion of total crime than on many worlds, fraud and other similar crimes also make up a fairly sizable proportion of total crime.  The Trillan legal system deals with what crime there is on the world fairly for the most part, but also harshly, the sole prison facility that handles all those convicted on Trilla is on the world’s moon, Sarose.  Those sent there are either put work in hard manual labour in the mines around the prison complex, or for those that have committed the worst crimes they are sentenced to servitordom.  The prisoners on Sarose contribute little to the actual output of the mines however, with most of the extraction undertaken by far more efficient servitor-controlled mining rigs.

There are strict population controls in place on Trilla to maintain the population at a stable level, once couples have had their allowed number of children both must then either report for sterilisation or sign a document agreeing that should another child be conceived they will abort the pregnancy.  Any child that is born that exceeds the allowed number of children for a couple is taken away and put up for adoption by a Trillan couple that is infertile, or, more often by offworlders, the couple is also severely reprimanded and then compelled to undergo sterilisation.  The population controls are not universal however.  Given the requirement for skilled workers on Trilla couples of higher intelligence receive a higher child allowance than those of lower intelligence to ensure that the world has enough intelligent, skilled workers.  Also though not required by law it is deemed a social faux pas for a couple to have fewer children than allowed them by the Population Control Board.  To combat the problems of inbreeding that can occur on such a sparsely populated world people are encouraged to find partners outside their own communities.