The Trillan people are in general very happy with their world and their government; in fact they often regard Trilla as being somewhat superior to many of the other worlds in the Imperium.

Trillans tend to be very direct in conversation, often bordering on tactlessness.  This is probably a result of the drive towards efficiency in Trillan society and could also be partly related to the degree of independence with which Trillans are required to work.  For native Trillans this is completely natural but it can sometimes lead to awkwardness with off-worlders who are unfamiliar with Trillan customs and for whom the directness could cause offence.

Trillans are generally very independent and are frequently more at ease working alone or with only a small group of people than in larger teams.  This is most likely a result of the extremely low population density on Trilla meaning that as a part of the typical working environment it is quite possible not to come into direct contact with another person for some time, even if the advanced communications systems mean that indirect contact is possible with anyone on the world at any time.  Related to this there is a slightly greater incidence of agoraphobia and associated disorders on Trilla, but this is not significant enough to be any concern to Imperial authorities.