Planetary Defence Force

The PDF of Trilla has two distinct parts.  The first part is the Trillan Militia, this consists of the 1st Trillan Rifles, a regiment of around 1,800 Trillan men and women, and the 300 pilots and support staff of the Trillan Air Force.  The Trillan Militia is a well trained and well equipped organisation, the 1stTrillan Rifles is completely mechanised and all of the equipment for both the Rifles and the Air Force is shipped direct from Proteus.  This goes some way to make up for the small size of the Militia but realistically the amount of resistance it could put up against an invading force is limited.  The other, and significantly larger, part of the Trillan PDF consists of a regiment of nearly 5,000 skitarii and praetorians plus support vehicles, including aircraft and a small naval contingent.  This part of the Trillan PDF, known on Trilla as the Trillan Mechanical Defence Force, is deployed on the world by the Adeptus Mechanicus to protect their interests in Trilla.  The TMDF is drawn directly from the legions of Proteus and though in battle conditions command of it falls to the chief of the Trillan armed forces there is no doubt that the TMDF’s loyalties ultimately lie with the Adeptus Mechanicus.  As such the Administratum has on a number of occasions expressed its slight unease at the TMDF comprising the majority of the world’s defence forces, but given the small size of the Trillan population significantly increasing the size of the Trillan Militia is unfeasible.  So without the TMDF Trilla would be virtually defenceless, as the Adeptus Mechanicus point out each time these concerns are raised.

In addition to these ground forces the twin orbital docks, Faithful and Dutiful, that handle all of Trilla’s interplanetary trade, provide the world with some orbital defence.