Officially Trilla falls under the aegis of the Administratum and there is a significant presence of the priesthood of Terra on the world, however as a result of pacts and agreements dating back millennia most of the day to day running of the world, and as a result of trade deals ownership of most of the world’s production, falls to the Adeptus Mechanicus.  The head of the Adeptus Mechanicus on Trilla is Arch Magos Kyrak Kryptos and it is to him that all decisions regarding production and processing ultimately fall.  The Administratum adepts do require however that they be informed of any major changes being implemented by the Mechanicus.  Non-production related decisions such as matters concerning the world’s population are decided by the Administratum, the head of which on Trilla is Proconsul Belisarus Deccan.  In deference to the dominant position of the Adeptus Mechanicus on the world the Administratum usually consults with the Mechanicus before introducing any policy changes.  The Arch Magos and the Proconsul regularly meet to ensure the continued close relationship between the priesthoods of Terra and Mars in running Trilla, as do others high in the Administratum and Adeptus Mechanicus on Trilla.

It might appear to an outside observer that with the government of the world being divided up as it is between the Administratum and the Adeptus Mechanicus the general populace have little or no representation in their own governing bodies.  In actuality however everyone on Trilla either directly or indirectly works for one of these two organisations and as such do have ways of voicing their concerns through their respective hierarchies.

The world is divided into administrative regions, each centred on one of the major continents and each managed from one of the regional capitals, Magora from Pantomel, Hantor from Trillanis and Naros from Agrifax.  The production management of each region is split into divisions, one for each type of foodstuff, sap cane, cereals, livestock, algae and aquaculture in addition to the non-area based processing division.  Within each division in a region there are generally multiple facilities from which harvesting, seeding and management is controlled.