Significant Locations

By far the largest city on Trilla, Pantomel, the capital, as well as being host to the government and administrative bodies is also the world’s principal collection processing and trading centre, handling more than half of the world’s entire agricultural production.  Pantomel spaceport is far larger and busier than those of the two smaller regional capitals Agrifax and Trillanis.  Rising suddenly from the rolling plains in the north of the largest continent, Magora, where the pasture-land begins to fade into tundra the great cereal mills, sap-cane refineries and grox processors of Pantomel form a brooding presence on the skyline like metal fingers thrust from the earth.

Though the smallest of Trilla’s three cities; Trillanis, population 16,000, is also the most striking.  As the primary hub for the largely equatorial Hantor continent it was deemed too great a loss of production to construct the city and processing centres in the highly fertile lowlands and so the city was built nestled amongst the lofty mountains that form the spine of the continent.  The buildings of the city are either carved into mountainsides or perched perilously on cliff edges.  Despite the functional and utilitarian nature of the buildings this lends the city a certain eerie attractiveness, particularly in the mists that regularly wash over the city.

In contrast again to the other two cities Agrifax has neither the brooding presence of Pantomel nor the eerie charm of Trillanis.  Located on the coast to better manage the vast algae farms and aquaculture facilities of the irregular southern continent of Naros and its extensive island chains Agrifax gives the impression, not uncommon amongst port cities, that it is there to serve its purpose and nothing else, and as such is notoriously dull.  It has even been described by some off-worlders who have visited it as being the dullest city in the entire sub-sector.