Planet name: Nehkari
World Class: Dead world
Population: 0
Tech Level: -
Tithe Grade: Aptus Non
Aestimare: T503

Orbital Distance: 0.3 AU
Orbital Period: 57.75 days
Rotation Period: 28.9 days
Equatorial Diameter: 3,270 km
Gravity: 0.4G
Atmospheric composition: trace
Surface atmospheric pressure: 0.0 atm.
Mean surface temp.: 194C (490C max - -160C min)
Hydrosphere: 0%
Indigenous life forms: none known
Satellites: 0 

A blasted rock where the temperatures easily rise high enough to melt lead Nehkari is of little to no value to anyone.  Like most planets in the close mercurial regions of stars Nehkari exhibits tidal resonance between its rotation and orbit with it completing exactly 2 rotations in each orbit.  The surface of Nehkari is heavily cratered since the world has no weathering processes to remove old craters and no atmosphere to absorb some of the impact energy.