World Class: Dead world
Population: 0
Tech Level: -
Tithe Grade: Aptus Non
Aestimare: P496

Orbital Distance: 1.7 AU
Orbital Period: 779 days
Rotation Period: 29.5 hours
Equatorial Diameter: 4,650 km
Gravity: 0.5G
Atmospheric composition: Thin, mostly carbon dioxide and nitrogen with trace amounts of oxygen and other elements
Surface atmospheric pressure: 0.1 atm.
Mean surface temp.: -58C
Hydrosphere: 2%
Indigenous life forms: None verified, possible simple microbial life.
Satellites: 1


Kaludos is a cold, rocky world, vicious winds often whip through its thin atmosphere scouring the surface.  There are small amounts of water present on Kaludos and analyses by Adeptus Mechanicus research teams have indicated that there may be some microbial life on the world.  Given the reasonable if slightly low gravity, the presence of some water and the possibility of some terraforming of the atmosphere Kaludos would have been a potential candidate for colonisation had it any mineral wealth, however Kaludos is in fact unusually devoid of heavy elements and as such was deemed of no value for mining.  As a result there has never been an attempt to colonise Kaludos, though with pressure from overcrowding growing on many worlds in the Anargo Sector it is possible that the Administratum might reconsider the colonisation of Kaludos.

Until recently few people ever visited Kaludos, apart from the occasional rich traveller come to take in the ethereal beauty of the world's windswept mountains, particularly in the winter hemisphere where they are capped with sparkling carbon dioxide snow.  The high winds in the thin atmosphere often make haunting whistling noises through the steep valleys between the mountains, one series of valleys in the northern hemisphere is particularly famous for the wind-song produced by the complex rock formations and is often known as the Singing Valley.  Several decades ago one such traveller claimed that if one listened carefully to the wind-song in the Singing Valley it sounded like Angels singing Imperial liturgy.  Naturally this increased interested in Kaludos somewhat, though given the inaccessibility and inhospitality of Kaludos it is still only the rich that can afford to visit and try and hear the voices for themselves.  Additionally the Ministorum has not recognised the Singing Valley as a shrine and as such it is still an unofficial pilgrimage site and thus not well publicised.  Were the Ministorum to recognise the Singing Valley as a shrine it is likely that the number of visitors received by Kaludos would increase significantly.

Kaludos' single moon, Yhamir, is somewhat ellipsoid in shape with its long axis pointing in the direction of it's orbit around Kaludos and is approximately 100km in diameter along its long axis and 80km along its short axis.