World Class: Dead world
Population: 0
Tech Level: -
Tithe Grade: Aptus Non
Aestimare: S94

Star spectral type: G0V
Orbital Distance: 5.7 AU
Orbital Period: 4780 days
Rotation Period: 10.1 hours
Equatorial Diameter: 154,916 km
Gravity: 3.3G
Atmospheric composition: Hydrogen, helium, trace amounts of other compounds such as methane, ammonia and water
Surface atmospheric pressure: 3 atm.
Mean surface temp.: -115C
Hydrosphere: 0%
Indigenous life forms: None known
Satellites: 63


Hathare is a large gas giant almost 3 times as massive as Jupiter.  It has quite a unique appearance that is considered by some to be rather beautiful.  The majority of the cloud surface of Hathare is varying shades of pink, from delicate rose pinks through deep puces; these colours are stirred into intricate patterns by the fast winds in the atmosphere.  The world owes this unique coloration to mixtures of trace compounds found in the upper atmosphere.

Its unusual appearance has made Hathare the subject of a larger number of paintings and picts than most other uninhabited worlds in the Sector.  Trillans themselves tend not to have strong feelings about Hathare, having lived with its presence all their lives, but are generally proud that something that is part of their system is so well known.

Being like Jupiter primarily composed of hydrogen and helium, and not being in the system of a world with a heavy ship-building industry it is of little value for mining and so has never had a human presence.  The majority of Hathare’s moons are small asteroids, with around 10 that are somewhat larger.