World Class: Dead world
Population: 230
Tech Level: 10 (High Imperial)
Tithe Grade: Aptus Non
Aestimare: S867

Star spectral type: G0V 
Orbital Distance: 12.4 AU
Orbital Period: 15350 days
Rotation Period: 12.3 hours
Equatorial Diameter: 52,270 km
Gravity: 1.2G
Atmospheric composition: hydrogen, helium, significant traces of ammonia and methane
Surface atmospheric pressure: 1.5 atm.
Mean surface temp.: -148C
Hydrosphere: 0%
Indigenous life forms: None known
Satellites: 17


The smaller of the two gas giants in the Caligo system, Ceretac is a mid to light blue with mostly smooth variation between colour bands unlike in the atmosphere of the larger Hathare.

One of Ceretac’s larger moons, Rethal, has a small Imperial outpost that monitors the traffic into and out of the system.  The population of the outpost consists largely of Tech-priests and their attendants that maintain the equipment of the monitoring station and the team of astropaths that relay messages to vessels passing in or out system and to Trilla.  Assignment to Rethal is generally for a limited term, for both tech-priests and astropaths, as it has been found that long term habitation leads to carelessness in the following of protocols and an increase in mental disorders.