The technology level on Vandoch is reasonably high, although most of the management is performed by a small order of Tech Priests. The physical labour, however, is performed by the large workforces from Morgance and the local servitor crew and while their equipment is easy to operate, a lot of it is made with advanced technology. For example, the gigantic nets used to capture insect swarms on Vandoch are relatively easy to manage, requiring only skilled climbers who can position the nets and anchor them properly in mountain ranges, in order to sustain the weight and force of billions of insects without collapsing prematurely. While the machines and personal equipment is simple to operate, the biochemical technology used to create such durable and flexible nets is beyond most primitive Imperial worlds.

While there are many unique local technologies, developed by the Adeptus Mechanicus in order to harvest Vandoch’s valuable swarms, Vandoch does suffer the lack of many standard Imperial technologies which are either worthless or directly hazardous to use in its hazardous environment. The extremely high amount of winged insects and animals, for example, makes traditional aerial propulsion such as turbo-fans and jet engines very dangerous to use even in the best conditions. In the worst conditions, if an Imperial flyer is caught within a swarm of Vandoch’s largest reptiles, anything smaller than a heavy lander or thousand-ton dropship is likely to be battered by multiple collisions and crash into the ground. The enormous amount of living creatures in Vandoch’s dense atmosphere also tends to disrupt many kinds of sensors and Imperial auspices.