Like the population on Morgance, the people of Vandoch are moderately religious members of the Imperial cult. Worship plays a very small part of everyday life, but holidays such as Candlemas are respected by the majority of the population. Unfortunately for the Adeptus Ministorum, the poor living conditions on Vandoch do not have any significant effect in making its people embrace their faith and look to the Emperor for help. Instead, a frightening trend has arisen where new religions constantly surface in the underground, nurtured by a high degree of superstition. Self-proclaimed prophets are relatively common on Vandoch, some of which are remembered centuries or millennia after their deaths (or executions) and divination rituals such as tarot readings are commonplace.

In Vandoch’s history, chaos cults have been a small but persistent problem, quickly exterminated by local law enforcers and the Adeptus Arbites, only to be replaced years later. Imperial investigators have so far not managed to learn whether this problem is due to a yet undiscovered source of chaos taint, simply a result of discontent with Imperial government and the Ecclesiarchy, or perhaps even a side-effect of the madness frequently caused by the world’s environment.