Trade and Tithes

Although the ravages of war have scarred Morgance’s global ecosystem, it still has large regions of agriculture in addition to its considerable industrial power. It exports a variety of different goods, both commercially and as part of its tithes to the Imperium. While Morgance itself is not one of the richest worlds in the subsector in terms of natural resources, the presence of two agriworlds in close proximity has greatly stimulated its global economy, enriching the Trivium system as a whole.

Despite the wealth of different exports from Morgance and its agriworlds, ranging from clothing and art to industrial machinery and starship components, its most famous commodity is its military forces. Morgance has a proud martial tradition, providing the Imperium with a constant supply of soldiers for the Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy, most of whom are already war veterans upon joining Imperial service, thanks to the high level of conflict and internal wars on Morgance itself.