Much like Anargo Primus, Morgance went through a period of religious decline and rapid secularism following the bloody Age of Apostasy, which saw millions of its citizens and soldiers killed in the wars of the Dorvastorian theocracy. After M39, however, the world went through a transformation also in the religious arena, as the totalitarian political philosophy lent itself to the teachings of the Adeptus Ministorum and vice versa. The glorified ruthlessness of the new government was justified by the Imperial Creed, wherein Mankind was forced to rid itself of the weak in order for the strong to endure against the darkness. As opposed to the political upheaval that swept across the planet, the return of the Imperial faith was a far quieter thing, barely aided by the Adeptus Ministorum at all.

However, the deep bond between Morgance and Anargo Primus can still be felt and so Morgance is far from entirely devoted to the Imperial Church. As the animosity towards Dorvastor remains, there is a significant dualism between the people of Morgance. While many have turned back to the Adeptus Ministorum, a large percentage still resist. Turning to ancient pre-Heresy schools of thought, this group argue the superiority of man purely based on a philosophical reasoning. This secular faction is known as ‘the supremacists’, and they believe in the core of Imperial faith, Mankind’s right to rule by virtue of its superiority, without paying any heed to the divinity of the Emperor or his alleged Saints. Regardless of this dualism of faith, however, the people of Morgance are almost entirely united in their core philosophies, moral values and ethical standpoints.