The government on Morgance can only be described as totalitarian, dictating virtually every aspect of life on the planet. Its leader is Governor Emelianus, elected by Morgance’s Colonial Council for an eight year period. While the total power of the Governor is more tangible on Morgance, since its people have no illusions of living in a democracy, the Governors of Morgance have traditionally been tremendously wary of using their dictatorial powers since the regime change in M39. The reason for this, according to many, is a stroke of genius on the part of Governor Grandlund, the founding father of Morgance’s current system of government. Governor Grandlund founded the Donegal Watch, a secret police with the authority to investigate the actions of Morgance’s Governor without restriction and execute him the Governor if he or she is found wanting. In the two thousand years since the new system of government was implemented, almost a hundred Governors have been executed for incompetence.

The Colonial Council consists of Morgance’s leading bureaucrats, chosen through a complex process involving peer recommendations, naming of successors and aptitude tests. It consists of fifty Councilmen and Councilwomen and together with the Governor and the Donegal Watch, it is a major player in an ongoing power struggle where the Governor fears the Donegal Watch for fear of execution, whereas the Donegal Watch fears the Colonial Council for their right to punish any Watchmen they find wanting, and the Colonial Council in turn fear the Governor who has the power to punish individual Council-members unless protected by the majority. Despite this internal power struggle within the government, however, its outward face is entirely monolithic, ruling its people with a ruthless iron fist.

In addition to the Governor, the Colonial Council and their subordinate bureaucracy, nobles still play a small but significant part on Morgance. While the local government does aim for absolute control, the noble families on Morgance gain considerable political power and even untouchability through its connections on Anargo Primus and other worlds. Because these nobles share blue blood with individuals in power elsewhere in the sector, the Governor is forced to recognize their position and give them certain privileges. It is a delicate and dangerous balancing act, however, as the government slowly and subtly tries to rob the nobles of their political power without losing its offworld support.