“What terrifies me about this world is not the degree that its totalitarian government has been implemented in every facet of life, nor is it how such a proud people has been subdued and broken. It is how eagerly the people has embraced its role as instigator, betrayer and executioner. It is its self-loathing that allows this people to destroy itself so ruthlessly. In the weakness of others, they see themselves.”
- Rogue Trader Samuel Daobec Quintian Montefalco III

Planet name: Morgance (Trivium II Beta)
World class: Civilized world
Tech level:
Tithe Grade:

Orbital distance:
Equatorial diameter:
Orbital period:
Length of day:
Surface atmospheric pressure:
Surface temperature:
Life forms:

Morgance is an ancient civilized world that has had close ties with the nearby Anargo system since the Age of Technology. In many ways the baby sister of Anargo Primus, Morgance has gone hand in hand with the sector capital through history, siding together in political conflicts such as the revolution against theocracy. Morgance has also enjoyed much of the great economical growth in the Anargo subsector, but has been held back somewhat by its own moderate natural resources and thus not been able to make the transition from civilized world to fully-fledged industrial world. Still, Morgance and its two agriworlds have a solid combined economy and form a vital part of the so-called Anargan trade spine.

Unlike the other two habitable colonies orbiting the gas giant Donegal, Morgance did not develop a strong ecosystem that is compatible with the lifeforms introduced from Terra. In a matter of centuries after its colonization in M24, the aggressive ecosystem introduced from ancient Terra and a number of other colonies changed the surface of Morgance forever, replacing its alien flora and fauna with beautiful forests, jungles and savannahs. As the only colony in the system with a great abundance of minerals and a breathable atmosphere, Morgance quickly became the jewel of Trivium. It would prosper for millennia to come, until a sudden turn in M39 changed brought a second cataclysm to its surface.

Following a devastating chaos uprising, Morgance found itself facing destruction, as a failure to contain its chaotic corruption would no doubt result in global annihilation by order of the Imperium - Exterminatus. In the attempt to guarantee its own safety, its government sacrificed vast regions of its own lands by purging them in nuclear fire. Virtually overnight, the whole colony was swept by a new political and sociological doctrine, turning the pristine jewel into a ruthless self-preserving machine. Its cities were rebuilt, its nature mutilated by heavy military fortifications and its people stripped of almost every right and privilege. Every few decades, the colony of Morgance would declare war on a local region suspected to be tainted by chaos. Millions would be sent to prison, labour camps or worse. Entire cities, even continents were vanquished, burned to the ground and rebuilt. Two millennia later, Morgance is a scarred and drab planet, where the fate of the few is entirely meaningless compared to the safety of the many.