Trade and Tithes

As an agriworld, Dara is required to supply the Imperium with tremendous amounts of goods such as food, water and organic materials used for clothing, decoration, medicine and so forth. Its major export is products from the so-called archomorphs, the group of enormous beasts that inhabit Dara’s surface and oceans. Archomorphs are divided into three primary groups, archosaurs, archomantids and archomysids. The two former groups are gargantuan reptiles and insects, ranging in height from a dozen meters to three times that. The smallest of these archomorphs are actually herded by the ogryn tribes, driven across the land in their hundreds or thousands. The largest are avoided by most ogryn tribes, as their danger far outweighs the possible benefits of capturing or killing them. The third group of archomorphs, the archomysids, consists of vast aquatic creatures. The archomysids are the largest living creatures on Dara, easily reaching a hundred meters in length and capable of destroying the largest sea-faring vessels. The hardy ogryns, however, have hunted these huge creatures for millennia, making fortunes by selling their meat, bones and skin to the traders of House Reinhardt.