Like virtually all agriworlds in the Imperium, Dara relies heavily on import and the sanctions of the Imperium to maintain its high level of technology. Were it not for the constant support of Invictona and Anargo Secundus, it would not be able to sustain its high level of production for long. As a result, most of the technology on Dara is a combination of Standard Template Construct and the local products of Invictona and other factory-worlds in close proximity.

A few examples of unique local technology do exist however, created for use by the ogryn tribes in their herding and hunting. Most common among such local technologies are weapons used to guide herds across the surface of Dara, hunt wild arcomorphs or defend the tribes against large predators. Large flamethrowers, shock lances or electro harpoons are especially popular. Another common type of local technology is the mounting used by ogryns to control and even ride the local beasts, using a combination of mind-impulse technology, chemical dispensers and electric chargers. The wealthiest ogryn tribes can afford the construction of custom vehicles, large and sturdy enough to carry their considerable bulk across Dara’s surface, along with their equipment and harvest. The most common forms of transportation are local variants of STC Land trains.