Except in the case of Darish ogryns, the culture of House Reinhardt has been prominent in defining the psychological characteristics of Dara’s inhabitants. The open and direct manner of communication for which House Reinhardt is famous has embedded itself in Darish culture, the way the people of Dara interact and ultimately the way they think. Many offworlders criticize the Darish for their lack of sophistication, and because their culture tends to penalize serious introspection and outwards displays of emotion, the people of Dara tend to be out of touch with their own feelings, often leading to stress, anxiety and violent outbursts.

The Darish ogryns, on the other hand, have a simple yet rugged mindset, and may be described as stoic and well centered. In most situations, the ogryns are remarkably capable of handling stressful situations, which has aided in their survival on such a deadly world. There are a few notable exceptions to this stoic calmness, however, and the most prominent is their legendary claustrophobia, making it almost impossible to get the ogryns to enter any kind of small room or closed vehicle.