Language and Dialect

Dara was originally colonized in the Age of Technology, in the earliest years of colonization in the Anargo sector and its ogryns have been allowed to live relatively isolated from humans, resulting in a rather unique language. The ogryn tribes of Dara speak a mix of Old Gothic and various languages traced back to the Age of Terra. To offworlders, this local tongue is quite incomprehensible, and very few of House Reinhardt’s agents have managed to learn it. Fortunately, the small influence of the Imperium over thousands of years have allowed the ogryns to slowly learn Low Gothic as a second language, although at a very rudimentary level.

House Reinhardt and the rest of the human populace, on the other hand, speak primarily Low Gothic. Furthermore, like many other ancient guilds and trade dynasties around the Imperium House Reinhardt has developed its own language over the years, taught to the children of guilders from birth, allowing House Reinhardt to communicate confidentially in public (to a certain degree) and also helping them affirm the identity of people claiming to be members of their guild. While this language, known as Gutavhed, is normally only spoken by guilders, it is spoken globally on Dara, the home of House Reinhardt, as a secondary language.