300.M24 – Dara is colonized by ogryns
550.M27 – Dara is colonized by settlers from Morgance
850.M29 – War breaks out between Dara and Morgance. Morgance is the victor, and Dara’s industry and infrastructure is completely annihilated. Ogryns are left with a primitive nomadic civilization
100.M30 – Trivium system is annexed by the Imperium
400.M32 – Ogryns rebel against the Adeptus Terra. House Reinhardt assumes control of Dara.
950.M35 – Trivium system is invaded by orks. Significant ogryn casualties on Dara.
200.M37 – Large tribal war between ogryns on Dara.
350.M39 – Series of Dark Eldar raids on Dara. Significant human casualties.