Because abhumans have very low status in the Imperium, the Darish ogryns are not recognized as rulers of their own world. Instead, their world is under the nominal leadership of an ancient merchant guild, House Reinhardt, which is responsible for overseeing the ogryn population, ensuring that the ecosystem is not damaged by excessive hunting or farming and. most importantly, handling the infrastructure that brings Dara’s natural resources from around the world to its three starports and into orbit.

House Reinhardt traces its ancestry back to the late Age of Imperium, when it began to accumulate enough wealth to get into interstellar trading. One of its first ports of call was Dara, then ruled by a line of retired generals and admirals who received their position as a reward by the Adeptus Terra. The military leadership proved highly ineffective on Dara, however, as the strong ogryn inhabitants constantly clashed against their Imperial Commanders. Eventually rebellions broke out, and when the dust settled, the Imperial government had been driven off the planet, while representatives of House Reinhardt were still doing trade with the ogryns. It was clear that house Reinhardt had earned the trust of the ogryns and so the Imperium elected to install the merchant guild as a new government. Since this unusual set of events, House Reinhardt has since become a considerable economical power in the Anargo sector, with its heart anchored on Dara, the world of giants.

The Darish giants themselves are entirely autonomous, and would more accurately be regarded as the trade partners of House Reinhardt rather than its subjects. The ogryns form large tribes, ranging in numbers from hundreds to tens of thousands, most of which are nomadic. The largest tribes, however, form semi-nomadic settlements around the agriworld’s starports, forming the majority of the workforce employed to bring the world’s harvest onto Imperial landers and dropships.

Conflicts between the various tribes on Dara are not uncommon, but given the hardship of life on this deadly planet, outright war is rare due to being too detrimental for both the defeated and the victor. Instead, conflicts are typically ritualistic in nature, resolved by feats of strength, duels to the death and occasionally planned battles.