Planet name: Dara (Trivium II Alpha)
World class: Agriworld
Population: 1,000,000
Tech level: 5 (Sub-Imperial)
Tithe Grade: Exactis Extremis
Aestimare:  F32

Orbital distance:
Equatorial diameter:
Orbital period:
Length of day:
Surface atmospheric pressure:
Surface temperature:
Life forms:

Of the three colonies in the Trivium system, Dara has the oldest and most developed ecosystem. It is also the only colony that was not terraformed, as its atmosphere, hydrosphere and temperature were all appropriate when it was first discovered by mankind. The natural flora and fauna of Dara is believed to be reminiscent of prehistoric Terra, with gigantic reptiles roaming its deserts, temperate areas with trees that grow over a hundred meters tall and oceans with xenos aquatic monsters the size of edifices. Dara is called the world of giants, partly because local lifeforms are generally enormous compared to other terraformed colonies, and also because its proximity to the Donegal gas giant causes tremendous tectonic activity, resulting in soaring mountain chains and great yawning chasms. However, the name also stems from the fact that the majority of inhabitants on this ancient agriworld are abhumans known as ogryns.

Ogryns have lived on Dara since long before the Age of Imperium, forming a small but stable population. Due to genetic engineering, ogryns are typically two feet taller than other humans, and at least three times as heavy. Certain Imperial scholars have claimed that were it not for the fact that the ogryns of Dara have such tremendous survival skills, their homeworld would easily have been classified as a deathworld due to its many dangers. Not only are the ogryns able to survive the dangers of Dara, but they are also highly successful at harvesting its natural resources, supplying the Imperium with great amounts of foodstuff from the local ecosystem, even developing the knowledge and technology to raise Dara’s gargantuan reptiles as livestock, herding hundreds of such huge creatures across Dara’s deadly surface.