Trade and Tithes

Fornax possesses a fairly high mineral wealth distributed throughout the Delphinus system, both in mining colonies and the main colony itself. From this wealth, Fornax produces a great number of metallic exports. At the high end, the most famous products include jewellery, luxury vehicles and masterly crafted personal armour, which are found across the Anargo sector and beyond. The bulk of Fornaci exports and tithes however, is composed of mass produced industrial machinery, communication equipment, entertaining technology, low-tech weapons and simple cogitators. Although the quality of Fornaci products varies immensely, the local appreciation of beauty is reflected in nearly all products, regardless of their value. From the most exclusive jewellery to the most simple shuttle transports, the Fornaci products are all famous for their unique design and aesthetic value. Even simple tools are typically decorated with ornate inscriptions and beautiful coats of brass and chrome.