With two major exceptions, the level of technology on Fornax is comparable with most advanced worlds in the Anargo sector. As an industrial world, Fornax supplies the sector with a range of high quality products, from space shuttles to advanced mining equipment. One notable underdeveloped field is medicine. There are several reasons for this trend, but most significant is perhaps the effects of ancient Fornaci religious texts, which taught the Fornaci that the faithful would be protected from disease by the Emperor. Although religion has lost its grip on Fornax, stoicism in face of medical problem is still considered a supreme virtue, and a lot of medical research is considered unethical based on the ancient traditions.

Another underdeveloped area of Fornaci technology is power production. This is another curious phenomenon that is at least partially attributed to religion. From the early history of Fornax, when its surface was scoured of mutants through nuclear war, nuclear weapons and nuclear energy has been held in high regard on Fornax. Because Fornaci culture was in some ways born in the flame of nuclear explosions, nuclear power has become an important symbol. Critics within the Adeptus Ministorum have argued that this almost religious regard of nuclear power borders on heresy, but the phenomenon is actually more a case of tradition and historical pride.