Society and Law

Despite the seemingly warm and peaceful nature of the Fornaci, Fornax has very strict laws and harsh penalties compared to other worlds in the Anargo sector. Although the death penalty is rarely used, criminals are often punished by public lashings, long prison sentences or even forced amputation. The fear of such terrible punishment combined with the non-aggressive culture of the Fornaci has created a very peaceful world, with low crime.

The Fornaci society as a whole is far more conservative than most other colonies in the sector, and many aspects of its culture have gone relatively unchanged for millennia. Tradition is paramount, and any attempt at introducing change or criticizing tradition is regarded as a sign of ignorance, at best. In extreme cases, those who threaten tradition on Fornax are accused of being advocates of the dark gods and are attacked by fanatical mobs.

Because deviants are quite rare on Fornax, and because the majority conforms to tradition and local laws, off-worlders will often find that its society is quite harmonious. The Fornaci have a tremendous sense of fellowship and solidarity amongst those who successfully conform to tradition, leading to frequent acts of charity and good will. Egocentricity is considered a cardinal sin on Fornax, and this is reflected in all aspects of society, including economy and politics. One obvious result of this norm is a much more balanced distribution of wealth on Fornax than what is normal for Imperial worlds.