More so than most Imperial cultures, the Fornaci people are traditionally encouraged to be positive, caring, sympathetic and peaceful. So much so, in fact, that offworlders are often taken aback by the warmth and openness of the Fornaci. Many will say that the good will of the Fornaci often crosses over into naiveté, a quality that is not looked kind upon in the Imperium, and which many off-worlders are happy to take advantage of.

Although the peaceful and social personalities of the Fornaci have given them a reputation as spineless and passive, this is rarely the case. In fact, the people of Fornax are typically fiercely loyal, both internally and externally, and have laid down many a brave sacrifice for the sake of the Imperium. There is some truth to the stereotype, however, as the Fornaci are not adventurous by nature. One might even describe them as collectively self-centered, as most Fornaci care little about events outside their own system unless they are directly affected.

Another common trait in the Fornaci is the conservative mindset, and a deep-rooted faith in the Fornaci philosophy and way of life. While the Fornaci seem outwardly humble, they often consider their tradition and culture superior to those of other worlds, and may sometimes reveal subtle arrogance in their ways.