Planetary defence force

Fornax has a sizeable planetary defence force, and has the industry to equip its vast armies, air fleets and orbital defences almost exclusively with local products. While there have been no serious external attacks made against Fornax since the Age of Apostasy, the warriors of Fornax have proven themselves on countless battlefields in the Anargo sector through enlistment in the Imperial Guard.

Although the Fornaci PDF is technologically advanced, well-equipped and organised, critics from the Adeptus Administratum, and specifically the Departmento Tacticus, have pointed out that the Fornaci commanders rely on ancient, out-dated tactics. Many have also pointed out that Fornaci forces are somewhat excessively adorned, and that many of their warmachines are decorated to the point of impracticality. The criticism has fallen on deaf ears, however, as this is a matter of tradition on Fornax. Infantry are often dressed in proud heraldic colours, and if the situation demands camouflage, the colours are chosen to match the surrounding, while the uniforms remain extremely stylistic in terms of design. Fornax is also one of few worlds in the Anargo sector whose PDF has facial paint and jewellery as part of regular uniform.

The Fornaci philosophy regarding beauty can be seen in virtually every division of their PDF. For example, the Fornaci make almost no use of battle tanks such as the Malcador or Leman Russ. Instead, their infantry are supported by heavily armoured walkers. While walkers do offer an advantage in the dense terrain common on Fornax’ surface, they are also employed in open ground, where their height and slow speed puts them at a disadvantage. While conventions such as these stupefy many off-world commanders, they are entirely natural in the eyes of the Fornaci, as long as they are in harmony with ‘the divine beauty’.