Language and Dialect

Fornax has two main languages that are globally spoken. The first is a dialect of Low Gothic called ‘Jarat Gothic’ and the second is a strictly local language that has developed from the language of the original settlers over ten millennia. This local tongue has elements of a coreward dialect of Old Gothic and certain languages from the Segmentum Solar, and is known locally as “Naurata”. Naurata is the second official language of Fornax after Jarat Gothic, and is spoken almost exclusively in the most desolate regions of Fornax. In fact, while off-worlders call this world by the high gothic name Fornax, most locals refer to their homeworld as Jairimpor, which means White Home in the Naurata tongue.

Jarat Gothic, the local dialect of Low Gothic, is named after Fornax’ capital, Jarat. Jarat Gothic incorporates many expressions and words from both Old Gothic and Naurata, making it somewhat confusing for off-worlders who are not accustomed to it. Furthermore, the Fornaci accent in speaking Low Gothic makes communication with off-worlders extra challenging. For instance, the Fornaci often pronounce ‘v’ as ‘b’ and ‘r’ as ‘d’, depending on the word in question. Thus, the Fornaci are as easy to identify by speech as they are by sight.