After the apparent failure of democracy in past millennia, military forces of Fornax finally seized control of the government in M40, and installed the supreme commander of Fornaci forces as dictator and Imperial Commander. Since this revolution, the position of Imperial Commander has been passed down from each supreme commander to the next, mostly without incident. Even though this has resulted in a significant loss of freedom and power for the majority of the people, the military forces of Fornax enjoy great support from the majority, which is largely the result of successful leadership by these military dictators.

The current Imperial Commander on Fornax is Star General Ravi Singane, is one of the most popular commanders for centuries, and though he has only ruled Fornax for six years, he enjoys the full support of the public. Showing a keen understanding of both interstellar and global politics Star General Singane has managed to appease both Fornax’ population and Imperial authorities in the present war against mutants. Like all Star Generals and Imperial Commanders on Fornax, Singane is likely to stay in office until he either chooses to retire or dies from old age.