Planet name: Fornax (Jairimpor)
World class: Industrial world
Population: 22,000,000
Tech level: 10 (High Imperial)
Tithe Grade: Exactis Tertius
Aestimare: B9

Orbital distance: 5,2 AU
Equatorial diameter: 15,040 km
Gravity: 1.10 G
Orbital period: 2999 standard days
Length of day: 21.40 standard hours
Atmosphere: Standard oxygen-nitrogen mix with argon and pollutant taint
Surface atmospheric pressure: 1.0 atm
Surface temperature: 37 degrees C
Hydrosphere: 19% tainted liquid water
Life forms: Macroscopic
Moons: 1

More than ten thousand years after the surface of Fornax was scoured by nuclear holocaust, civilization has been rebuilt in a virtually sterile environment. Huge cities and industrial zones have been built in a world of rock, red sand and radioactive rubble, and by feeding on the mineral wealth of the planet’s crust, the civilization has grown at a tremendous rate. The skies are blackened by long millennia of heavy industry, and what little is left of the planet’s natural oceans are greatly polluted. In stark contrast to this outside world of rock, glass, dirt and metal, the society within, however, is a place of colour, dance and perfume.

Perhaps more than any other worldwide culture in the Anargo sector, the people of Fornax are known for their flamboyant and resplendent appearance, as they decorate their skins with a mix of paint and tattoos, colour their hair to any hue imaginable, dress in masterful gowns and robes of silk and wash their body with scented oils. To off-worlders, the inside of cities on Fornax may seem excessively decorated at first, with building walls draped with silk ribbons, walls of ivies and ornate glow globes and ornate paintings covering virtually every smooth surface. Indeed, many figures of authority have looked at the culture with suspicion, feeling that the obsession with physical beauty conflicts with the minimalistic and stoic teachings of many Imperial philosophers and spiritual leaders. In their ten thousand years of serving the Imperium, however, the people of Fornax have proved such skeptics wrong, and have shown a zeal and dedication to the Emperor that is matched by few worlds in the sector.

Their devotion is not what the workers of Fornax are best known for however. The renown of Fornaci metallurgists has spread across the Ultima Segmentum, as their work combines high quality with a unique aesthetic, regardless of the function of the product itself. Jewellery, weapons, agricultural tools, vehicles – all are made with a commitment to beauty, which according to Fornaci philosophy, is as important as the function of the product itself.


Fornax Crest: