Trade and Tithes

Etheria trades in life times, more specifically extending them for those who can afford it, the medical treatments are so advanced they have been able to franchise the process on other worlds. They also excel in unobtrusive bionic enhancement, not the crude and ugly add-ons the Mechanicus dole out to the masses but high end, perfectly integrated systems that unless specified will be completely hidden from view. Both Technologies have been enough to satisfy the Imperium and allow life on Etheria to travel in the direction society wanted it to.

Unfortunately the numerous Ork invasions and chaos uprisings through out the sector have meant that Etheria has had to plunder its riches to sustain the countless war efforts. It now exports high end weapons technology and numerous exotic ores and compounds, as well as finished hull sections for assembly in the Anargo shipyards. Basooran security systems have also become a major export for the planet, which exists in a virtual police state, though the population might not see it that way.

Entertainment is also a big export, and their hologames suites, and TI vid-feeds have found an appreciative audience across Anargo.