Technology on Etheria is at the cutting edge, especially in the fields of Bionics and viral genetics. The geriatric clinics are the best in the sector and have a wide and powerful clientele. As a result Basoora has invested heavily in defence projects to both protect the planet and engender an atmosphere of safety for the visiting dignitaries. Energy is supplied by clean sources such as plasma, Nuclear, solar and wave power, this has provided an abundance of clean cheap energy for the populace, and the effect can clearly be seen when the sun goes down.

Holographic technology is wide spread, and has permeated most levels of society, as has the global cogitator net, a vast and all encompassing form of communication, information and entertainment. Both technologies have been happily married to the betterment and efficiency of Etherian society. Suffer not the mutant takes on a pleasantly surprising twist on Etheria as all foetuses are screened for mutation, and any mutation which spontaneously appears is corrected with a bio-graft of the affected area. For the citizens of Etheria all technology is open to them if they can afford it.