Society and Law

The Law is all seeing and all knowing according to most, all aspects of life are monitored by a dizzying array of surveillance and intelligence devices, fully accessible in real time by the security forces of Etheria. This has led to a state of escalation between the law enforcement agencies and those of the criminal fraternity, indeed so fierce is this technological arms race that only the most powerful of imperial organisations would be able to keep up.

The most obvious evidence of this are the cameras located on and in every street and road, these run constant facial recog routines and monitor all macro movement of vehicles and people. Optical and DNA scanners are located in every building, these serve a duel purpose, personal security relies mostly on optic and DNA recog software so in order to get into your own home that information has to be in central records. Also information companies use them for DPA\'s Direct personnal advertising, these companies have a direct connection to the security forces who use this information to boost the effectiveness of their other surveillence methods. HDM or Hostile and Dangerous Material detectors are situated through out the all population centres and can detect anything from home made explosives and poisons to bio, nuclear and chemical weapons. Weapons are prohibeted to all but authorised personnel, and to this end weapon detectors can be found at regular intervals through out a city, in such a pattern so as to be unavoidable. The latest addition to the security arsenel is the pheremone detectors, while body morphing, and optic transplants can fool most security checks, changing your scent is not a technology that is particularly advanced.

Genetic records begin at birth for every individual, and it is a matter of law that any viral re-writing must be declared so that records may be updated, to decrease needless criminalisation all citizens of Etheria are required to submit to a genetic exam every 2 years. Biometric tags are implanted at birth to monitor physical and mental health, they can aslo be used to track an individual should the other methods prove ineffective. These tags can also give an early warning of psycic development, certain patterns of brain activity have been observed in regards to this, and allow the authorities to install the correct inhibitors before their abilities become a danger. Psykers are also the last great ace up the sleeve of planetary security and are a method of crime detection and prevention that most criminals find impossible to subvert. Out beyond the population centres there is very little in the way of obvious surveillence, indeed the wilderness is the only place free from prying eyes, but thats only if you ignore the night eye observation satellites. With a resolution good enough to pick out the hairs on a persons head, night eye is the last word in unobtrusive observation, there is no where to hide.