Planetary Defence Force

Etherian PDF and security forces are one and the same, it was decided that rather than have two separate armed bodies, both institutions would be combined into a unified force. This has worked supremely well for Etheria, as it now has not only a well trained highly professional army, it has a very well armed and armoured security force, one which has received accolades and praise from the Arbites whenever they have had to work together.

The Tessla SSW Mag-launchers and energy weapons located in high orbit can cause a lot of problems for hostile ships, the mag-launchers ability to fire solid shot or torpedo warheads has made them incredibly versatile in a planetary defence role. Other military installations include several large fighter bays, which can house up to a hundred attack craft of varying configurations, and the ODIN missile platforms. Etheria has very few heavily armed system ships and would rely heavily on the Imperial navy should the prospect of invasion rear its head.