Etheria was colonised by a splinter of the origional colonial fleet which settled Anargo, a difference of philosophical opinion was the primary cause for the split and the fact that there were two G class stars in the sector with terran compatible worlds allowed for the seperation to be a mutually benificial decision. Like Anargo the exact date of colonisation has been lost but Archeo-surveyors have placed the colonisation to around M25. It was ideological differences which forced the Etherians to separate themselves from the Anargan colonists, the reliance in intelligent machines was a step to far for Etherians and so they broke away to pursue a more natural lifestyle. Though they didn’t know it yet this would prove to be an incredibly influential and life saving decision. They did not abandon all machines nor their high technology lifestyle, these things would be needed to allow them to develop their now famous bio tech devices, compounds and medicines, it was just the intelligent machines they discarded. This concept of mankind advancing its own evolution and not putting it in the hands of something else was a new and radical philosophy at the time. Known as the Iderion philosophy its founder, Markus Iderion, would later become leader of the Etherian schism. Markus’s books, The Human Soul and the Tears of a Souless being, and the concepts therein found fertile ground in the minds of many in the countless star systems of humanity.

It was this new ideological zeal which propelled the colonisation of Anargo, however the Iderion philosophy was not the only one to make a leap to the stars, Parisi Mordival, and his Winding Way esposed many similar ideas and themes but with the concept that intelligent machines were part of mandkinds destiny and not a major roadblock as the Iderions believed. Parisi was older and his other works, the Cycles of Light and the Paragon of Eternity, which posited that man and machine combining into a perfect whole was inevitable, had been around for some time. His followers outnumbered the Iderions and his word held greater sway amongst his peers, he was also very wealthy and so it was he who was chosen to lead the colonisation of the new worlds discovered in the Mox expanse, which would later become the Anargo sector.