The government of Etheria is best described as a meritocracy, where a worldwide institution educates those who are interested in working in the government and picks the best candidates through rigorous exams, psychological testing and personal interviews. Every official and electoral candidate of the government is chosen by this institution, called the Etherian Agent Selection Bureau, or simply the Bureau. For less significant positions, such as city mayors and regional ministers, the process is executed entirely by this institution. For more critical positions, however, such as significant leaders of each continent or the position of Imperial commander itself, officials of certain influence are free to pose as a candidate in a democratic election. Before candidates may be voted upon, however, the Bureau’s Peer Council must test every candidate according to their own strict regulations. Their demands are usually so strict, that only the brightest, most experienced and competent leaders are available for such democratic elections, to ensure that incompetent world leaders do not rise to power simply due to popularity.

The Imperial commander of Etheria is known as the Prime Facilitor, and normally enjoys great confidence from the people, due to the complex selection process enforced by the Bureau. Naturally, incidents of corruption in the Peer Council have occurred, allowing dubious members of government to rise to the position of Prime Facilitator, but such incidents are generally less common on Etheria compared to other worlds in the Anargo sector. Once a Prime Facilitor is elected, he or she must work closely with the Bureau’s Peer Council, a select group of academic high brows, who ponder the fate of Etheria to obscure lengths. It is the duty of the Prime Facilitor to take the high minded concepts and ideals of the council and put them into practice.

After a Prime Facilitor is elected, new democratic elections are carried out every ten years, although a Prime Facilitor is free to hold office for three terms, for a total of thirty years. For the most part, the Facilitors have been gentle men and women who have introduced change gradually, leading to a state of high satisfaction amongst the populace.