Planet name: Etheria
World class: Civilised World
Population: 7,000,000,000
Tech level: A (modified)
Tithe Grade: Decuma Prima
Aestimare: C250

Orbital Distance: 0.7 AU
Equatorial Diameter: 8,100 miles (12,960 km)
Gravity: 1.08 terra
Orbital Period: 220.635 standard days
Rotation Period: 18.343 standard hours
Atmosphere: Standard oxygen-nitrogen mix, with moderate pollution taint
Surface Atmospheric Pressure: 1.8 atm
Base Mean Surface Temperature: 23.607 degrees C
Hydrosphere: 86% Tainted liquid water
Indigenous Life forms: Exist

The watery world of Etheria is a terran standard planet, with temperatures, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere all within the margins of what humanity would call ideal conditions. Blue green oceans of salty water speckled with green and brown blotches of land beneath skies of purest azure and fluffy white. Etheria has been a paradise of a world for thousands of years, and while it is no where near being an industrialised hell mankind’s presence is finally beginning to be felt. The once verdant jungles and pristine oceans are being squeezed for their valuable resources with numerous plant and animal species becoming extinct every day. Farmland has replaced wilderness on much of the land to such an extent that the only true wilderness left can only be found in special reserves, in fact the continent of Treteman is nothing but a chequer board of fields where once temperate forests had spread from coast to coast. However despite mans endeavours Etheria remains a beautiful world on which to live.

The cities of Etheria are clean and modern, white, chrome and black glass is a dominant theme, a theme which has seen itself propagate to other advanced worlds in the sector. Great smooth ribbons of plasticrete wind out and around the cities like coils of string, punctured by the arrow straight mag-engine lines which criss-cross the planet like a great web. Ancient ruins of the first fall civilisation still break the landscape like rotting teeth, a reminder of a time no one ever wishes to see again.