Planet name: Helios
World Class: Mining world
Population: 3,000
Tech Level: -
Tithe Grade:

Orbital Distance: 0.4 AU
Orbital Period: 93.34 Terran days
Rotation Period: 19.45 Terran hours
Equatorial Diameter: 4,640 km
Gravity: 0.36G
Atmospheric composition: Standard oxygen-nitrogen mix with sulphur compound taint
Surface atmospheric pressure: 0.2 atm.
Mean surface temp.: 238C
Hydrosphere: 0%
Indigenous life forms: none known
Satellites: 0

The desert world of Helios' primary importance to Anargo Primus, and the Anargo sector in general, is in extraction and processing of radioactives used in specialised electronics and weapon cores produced by the adeptus mechanicus. While the facilities are maintained by the Fomor family of the Anargan nobilitas provincialis, themselves related strongly to the Gaius line of the Imperial Commandership, the miners themselves have a fiercely independent attitude to their links with the mainworld.

At present there are eighteen operating mineheads on Helios feeding four primary refineries. The communications infrastructure of the world is basic, but effective, utilising a combination of roads and extended rail networks to transport ores from the mineheads to the refineries. Each refinery has a limited downport, capable of housing orbital shuttles, but the primary means of orbital movement of processed materials is from the equatorial refinery, Thump, by mass driver.

Government structure of Helios is near anarchic, with bonds of patronage extening between dominant clans of each minehead. The relations existing between the Clan clients and their patrons is, however, strained. Helians tend also to extreme xenophobia, even of other humans, due to a higher mutation rate from the radioactive materials that they mine and process from day to day.