Planet Name: Corvinus
World Class: Gas giant (research station)
Population: 0
Tech Level: -
Tithe Grade:

Star spectral type: G3V
Orbital Distance: 19.6 AU
Orbital Period: 32,016 days
Rotation Period: 21.05 hours
Equatorial Diameter: 174,000 km
Satellites: 3

Lying just beyond the warp zone for the Anargo system, the usefulness of Corvinus to the Imperium and the authorities of Anargo is minimal except for the refuelling of starships. However, as Coranis lies between Anargo and the warp zone that gas giant tends to be used more often than Corvinus. Some of the less legal shipping in the Anargo sector use this gas giant and, indeed, those even further out from the warming energy of Anargo’s primary star