Planet Name: Coranis
World Class: Gas giant (military base)
Population: 9,568
Tech Level: -
Tithe Grade:

Star spectral type: G3V
Orbital Distance: 10 AU
Orbital Period: 11,677 days
Rotation Period: 21.1 hours
Equatorial Diameter: 232,000 km
Satellites: 12

While Coranis maintains importance in Anargo Primus as a ready source of deuterium and hydrocarbons beyond that in Anargo Primus IV, Anargo’s not insubstantial system defence fleet (PDF) maintains a base on Anargo Primus I Theta Kay, or Albus. It’s methane-tainted atmosphere, frozen hydrosphere all contribute to a ‘mist’-wrapped world out of which the flames of plasma exhaust can constantly be seen. With only a small (~10,000) permanent population, Albus has a transitory population that covers almost the entire naval PDF. Indeed, it is said that if you have not visited the world of Albus then your training is not yet complete (a similar statement is made in the officer training corps about the Academy). Coranis also maintains signficant repair facilities with a franchise of the adeptus mechanicus, though it does not have the ability to produce its own ships.