Trade and Tithes

As the capital world of the sector, Anargo maintains significant trade contacts throughout the Anargo sector. In many ways one might think of it as much as a ‘hub’ as any other in the Imperium, though one that has recently been challenged by the rising productivity of the Meksum subsector and the consequent shift of economic interest. Despite this, however, the influence and presence of Anargo, the noble families and the numerous companies and trading concerns cannot be over-emphasised.

The economy of Anargo is multi-faceted, not restricted to any particular good in terms of internal production. Agriculture, including mariculture, is of particular significance given the radically increasing population. The present restriction of hive structures to the southern hemispheres leaves a great deal of land and ocean surface for these activities, but despite this synthetic foods are still required in the hives, in part due to distribution issues as quantity of food available from local production. (Anargan seafoods are a noted delicacy, though it is often cynically pointed out that the ‘unique flavour’ of Anargan king crab is more due to the chemicals being pumped into the oceans rather than any feature of the seas themselves.) Indeed, the export in food items is a lucrative, if small, operation for a number of the nobilitas provincialis.

Anargo is, however, most well known for the production of aerospatial technologies. Two types of structure are of particular significance. Firstly, the components which are produced on franchise to the adeptus mechanicus who integrate the components in their facilities around the companion star of Anargo Secundus. Secondly, Anargo is particularly well-known for artificial satellite construction, including defence platforms, orbital habitats, and so forth. Indeed, the most famous of these lies within the Academy system and the military school founded by Albrecht Gaius, the first Lord Anargo.

In terms of tithe, Anargo’s primary contribution takes the form of hull components, etc., as mentioned above. Anargo has also been responsible for the Founding of fifteen distinct regiments of the Imperial Guard, as well as three battallions. At present, only the 15th Anargan Heavy Rifles serves in the Anargo sector, manning the borders of the Castellan subsector. The Anargan 3rd Battallion continues to serve in the Cruciatine sector where, in its own way, protects Anargo from the significant ork presence that has all but destroyed that sector.

Although Anargo maintains a significant fraction of its gross world product dedicated to agri- and mariculture, there remains a significant deficit in terms of natural and processed food resources. These are made up with imports from agriworlds within the Anargo subsector, i.e ? and ?. It is thought that within the next century that the burgeoning population and trade pressures will cause a significant shift towards a manufacturing economy and true transition to a hiveworld.