The technology of Anargo is little different to that seen in the greater majority of civilised industrial worlds throughout the Imperium except in, perhaps, access to that technology by the common citizenry. While the majority of advanced technological artefacts are restricted by socio-economic class, most citizens have access to integrated communications/information service equipment, etc. Ownership of lighty military or paramilitary technology is extremely prohibited by Imperial law as well as executive determination by Lord Anargo and the Advisory Council.

In terms of technology the most interesting feature of it within the Anargo system is in one area: aerospatial engineering. Despite having advanced aerospatial technology, most particularly in the creation of space-based habitats and interface vessels. However, despite this the presence of lift-based vehicles on Anargo itself is highly restricted, an outgrowth of the restriction of civil movement between the administrative districts.

An unusual byproduct of the Anargan Theocracy teachings has held sway despite the close links of Anargo with the adeptus mechanicus. Anargans hold that the use of biological components, such as those found in servitors, is an inherent slight against the soul of Humanity and, therefore, the Emperor Himself. As this tends to be a primarily aesthetic consideration, Anargan servitors tend to have more prosthesis and heavier shielding of the biological components and, as such, tend to be more expensive than those found on other worlds. It is considered a somewhat gaunche, yet increasing, trend in the upper echelons of the nobilitas provincialis to operate servitors either with the external fascia sculpted in the form of the biological or, most risque of all, to have the biological components revealed.