The average Anargan is proud of their world and their position both within it and the larger Imperium. Through the guidance of Lord Anargo they feel that their daily work truly serves the Emperor and Mankind, and that their world is the epitome of what all true Imperial worlds should be. Although the restriction to civil movement is a commonly discussed and sometimes questioned feature of their society, the majority of Anargans see only the benefits: the low crime rates, the limited frequency of pogroms against heretic, mutant and psykers and so forth.

The growing discrepancy between those of the ‘equator’ and those of the ‘sub-arctic zones’ is, however, becoming marked in the contemporary culture, leading to what one might consider ‘normal’ for hive culture. This discontent is represented over the communictions network as the result of demogogues rather than any flaw in Anargan society or the judgement of Lord Anargo and his Advisory Council.