Planetary Defence Force

In many regards, Anargo might be considered to have a singularly extensive PDF in part due to the paramilitary nature of the local adepus arbites. Despite the extensive armed presence, the Anargan adeptus arbites is primarily involved with civil action and only has rights of mobilisation in times of planetary invasion or upon emergency Founding of significant Guard elements.

Lord Anargo maintains a separate and dedicated military force as his PDF, though in terms of manpower this is lower than one might expect for a world of the importance and position of Anargo. Almost every unit of the Anargan PDF is, however, well-trained and experienced due to numerous conlict scenarios on Academy. Furthermore, Lord Anargo has spent significant sums of money to fully equip the PDF to the highest possible specification, with the full utilisation of combat infantry armour, infantry dress and, where appropriate, heavy military technology.

One area that Lord Anargo has been somewhat frivolous with, in part due to the location of Anargo Secundus, is that of the PDF Fleet. Anargo maintains significant quantities of system defence boats and numerous battle-platforms which, indeed, is disportionate for the strategic location of the world. The ordo hereticus has frequently raised some eyebrows at this, but despite numerous inquisitions little heresy can be found either on the world of Anargo or with Lord Anargo himself. Nothing can make the Inquisition more suspicious than this, however.

Anargo’s satellite, named Gateway, maintains a significant military presence in the form of a PDF Fleet squadron base.